Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cool Copper

We just returned from a weekend at a very cosy cottage in Portland, which is an hour and a half southwest of Ottawa.  Before leaving to drive back to the city, I dropped by the cottage owners' home to drop off the payment for our two night rental.  The very friendly owner, Brenda, invited me in and gave me a tour of her beautiful, eclectic kitchen/living room/photography studio - it was all open concept.

My favorite thing about it was the oxidized copper counter top.  It was a gorgeous copper with deep blues running through it. While Googling 'oxidized copper counter top' in order to post a picture of what it looked like, I found a picture of the real deal - Brenda's counter was displayed on the website of the company from which she purchased it. 

I also fell in love with her copper sink which she purchased in Mexico

I'm a huge fan of the patterned terracotta floor tiles. Her gleaming wood counter top raised above the copper was purchased in Manotick
While I drooled over the gorgeous turquoise shades Brenda offered to email me the name of the company she purchased it from.  Normally I'd be quick to say yes, but it suddenly dawned on me that I won't be needing to do any renos for a long time as our our new home is, well, new.

For the last three years I've been asking people, "where'd you get this amazing sink/tile/faucet/etc..." and now there is no need.  Unless, of course, we decide to install a bar in our unfinished basement...

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Sephie said...

wow.. gorgeous!!! i guess you'll have to put a bar in the basement.. hahaha