Sunday, February 20, 2011

New home in Toon Town

What a difference a year makes. 

This time last year I wrote a post about how I didn't feel the need to buy a new home.  Twelve months later, we've put down a deposit on a brand new town house.

The cat is out of the bag now - we're up and moving to the 'Paris of the Prairies' in May - Saskatoon.  We scoured MLS for months, mostly looking at fixer uppers in what seems to be the only walkable neighbourhood in the city - Nutana.

 The fixer uppers needed way too much fixing up - pre-war bungalows looked as if they needed $100,000 of work.  When an older, beautifully renovated home came up on the market it was sold within days. It's hard to act quickly when you're 3000 km away.

After three years of living in a construction zone, we came to the mutual decision that it was time to relax and buy a home we can enjoy - something not crying out for top-to-bottom renos. The short-term pain would finally translate into long-term gain.

Once we saw the home online, we talked to the builder and I flew to Saskatoon to have a look.  I LOVED the place. I took a hundred pictures to show Josh - it was daunting to make the decision for the both of us but I know when he sees it in person for the first time in May he'll agree that it's perfect.

The basement is unfinished - so Josh can still pick up a hammer and some drywall if the urge to renovate arises.

I'm so excited to start cooking on the gas range

I love the modern architectural detailing around the pot lights above the island. 

The hood fan pops out of the counter when you need it.


Sephie said...

OMG!!!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations you guys... We're definitely swinging by for a weekend this summer!! (just so I can cook on your gas range.. Lol)

Jules said...

Thanks Syl! yay - please come visit us asap!

Mary said...

Your new home is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats!!!! What a nice change from the renos!! Sticking to decorating is far more fun, isn't it!? So happy for you guys!

Jules said...

Somehow I missed this comment Mary! Thanks for the kind words! We're super happy with the new house, it hasn't really sunk in that it's ours yet...feels like I'm a guest in someone else's home. If you're ever in Saskabush the door is always open!