Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Closet Incognito

Earlier this year Josh built us a closet organizer and ever since, I've been wanting to cover it up. Don't get me wrong - it's the perfect system - but seeing all our stuff all the time was a bit of an eyesore and didn't make for a very tranquil environment.

At first I considered covering it up with fabric, by either sewing something together or buying curtains. But at 14' wide x 8' tall, that's a lot of fabric!

I noticed on Ikea's website that they were using curtain panels for more than just window coverings. They were using them to divide rooms and cover up storage closets. Problem solved.

We walked out of Ikea this Sunday $400 poorer, lugging way too many boxes of stuff. Josh assembled it all today and it looks much better. As the panels run from ceiling to floor, I find they actually make the ceiling look higher.


 Josh has been busy with other renos as well - the condo is now painted and the main bathroom reno is complete. Check back soon for pictures!

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Sephie said...

looks great! though i don't know how you survived ikea on a sunday!!!