Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughts on Wallpaper

I've been drooling over some of the beautiful wallpapers being produced in the last few years.

Initially, Josh was ambivalent. Apparently he has terrible childhood memories of removing vast quantities of wallpaper.

"But we won't be removing it, we'll be installing it!" I countered. Ten years down the road when it's out of style (actually ten years might be a stretch), it'll be someone else's problem!

As mentioned in a previous post, he's come around to the idea - but I'll have to help him install it. I'm actually looking forward to learning a new skill. For a bit of time and effort, it's something that could have a major impact on our space.

We recently visited Josh's cousin Bridget's new store in Westboro - Flock Boutique. A couple of the walls are wrapped in a gorgeous paper that inspired me to start looking at wallpaper again.

Flock Boutique - 1275 Wellington St. West

As with paint colours, the endless array of options make it that much harder to make a decision. 

Here are some of my top picks. Most of them come in a variety of shades so we'll probably go with a gray version of something below so that it matches the grey in our kitchen tile. We'll just paper one wall as a focal point (the wall behind our kitchen table) and paint the remaining walls a complementary colour.

I'm still drawn to Schumacher's Imperial Trellis - LOVE it!

Although we won't go with this one as the style doesn't mesh with our kitchen tile, it's so delicious I felt it deserved an honorable mention. I'd like to use it in a future home as it makes me happy just looking at it.  :)
The theme I've noticed is that I'm drawn to geometrics, paisleys and unconventional damasks (not to mention the odd floral). On second thought, four different styles don't quite constitute a 'theme,' do they?

Luckily, Josh and I seem to be on the same page as he seems open to most of the options above.

I want something bold and dramatic that will wow potential buyers, but still appeal to most people.

That said...let me know your thoughts!


Sephie said...

I think in terms of buyers, you need to avoid the flowers (men may be put off).. the paisley is also something that may or may not appeal to everyone either.... i love the imperial (maybe in a different more subtle colour?), the 4th one.. with the chair in it.. (you need to number the pictures so i can choose!!), and the one after the imperial trellis.. (in a different colour.. not gold).. i think the geomtrics are the ones that are more timeless and generally appealing..

just some thoughts..

btw.. where are you going to get the wallpaper from?? i'm still trying to sell steve on wallpaper! we can start decorating very soon.. i really gotta start thinking about the powder room.. hee..

Sephie said...

oh yeah! i really want to go to bridget's store!