Monday, November 8, 2010

Reality Check

Today I got a double dose of reality that came in the form of a phone call and an email.

We'll start with the phone call.

On Saturday, Josh and I walked down to Randall's to have a look at their wallpaper sample books. We found a geometric print we both liked (above) and asked about pricing. The funny thing about most wallpaper, is that they will give you the price of a single roll, but it's impossible to buy a single roll. You have to buy at least a double roll - meaning you take the price of the single roll and multiply it by two.

I knew it wasn't going to be cheap, but considering we were only going to be papering a wall 8' high and 15' wide, I didn't think it would break the bank. I thought we'd spend approximately $300 plus materials (good wallpapers don't come 'pre-glued' anymore).

The price for the wallpaper above was $160 per double roll. We would need three double rolls. We're looking at $480 plus taxes and supplies. Not what I had intended to spend on one wall considering we'll be selling again in spring.

I asked if this was a high end wallpaper, just to get an idea if this was a 'normal' price. Nope, not high end...just your average, middle-of-the-road paper....for almost $500.

I asked if they could order Imperial Trellis from Schumacher, and if so, what the price would be. They said they would make a call to a distributor in Montreal and get back to me.

They called me today with the price. It shouldn't have come as a surprise considering a small pillow with Imperial Trellis fabric will run you $100.  But there was still an element of sticker shock when the Randall's staff told me it was $290 per single roll....and you can't buy a single roll, nor a double roll of this beautiful paper. You have to buy a TRIPLE roll for $870. And I would need two triple rolls. *shudder*

*sob* It just wasn't meant to be :(
As my last name isn't Vanderbilt, I've given up...but only for now. Our next house...mark my words...will have beautiful wallpaper. Somewhere. Maybe even just a powder room. But it probably won't be Imperial Trellis. Unless I win the lottery.

The email was from Ridalco - a company that specializes in made-to-order stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and steel fixtures.  They make everything from floating shelves to pet grooming sinks.  I requested a quote from them as they had built the two floating shelves showcased in Ottawa Magazine (pictured in a previous post) and I was looking for something similar for our kitchen.

I requested a quote online on Sunday night, and by Monday at 2 p.m., I already had a response.  Josh warned me it would be expensive and I agreed that it probably would be. Again, I underestimated how expensive it would be. I had pegged it at $150-$200 per shelf.  The quote was $395 per shelf plus taxes. I didn't intend on spending $900 for two 32" x 7" shelves. 

Now, I'm not the type of person who wants something for nothing. I understand that custom-made stainless steel shelves are going to cost a lot more than a pair of Made-in-China 'Lack' shelves from Ikea. It was just a surprise to find that custom-made would be 20x the price. I wish there was some middle ground somewhere between $19.99 and $395.

So instead of papering, we'll be picking up our paint brushes. And instead of custom stainless steel shelves, we'll fight the crowds at Ikea on a Saturday. And in the end, I'm sure the condo will be almost perfect regardless.


Sephie said...

OMG.. those prices are ridiculous.. i definitely agree that there should be some kind of middle ground.. anyway.. i'm sure whatever you end up doing will look fabulous! and speaking of powder rooms.. i really gotta get started on planning mine!

Jules said...

I'll be your shopping buddy if you need one! And if you go with wallpaper I'll just live vicariously through you... :)