Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Floors and Squirrel Paint

I was stuck at home with a nasty case of strep throat this week. Instead of getting cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and Oprah on the TV, I was spending my time at the walk-in clinic and in bed.

The streptococcal infection came at a bad time as Josh was in the middle of ripping out our retro parquet floors and installing new laminate flooring. Luckily the bedroom floors were already complete, so I had my own sanctuary of calm. He let me sleep in until 11, and then I gave him the OK to start ripping out the parquet in the hallway and living room - not realizing just how loud it would be. It didn't last long though, and a bit of discomfort was worth it for the end result he achieved.

Removing the parquet - this was the noisy part...

The end result
This was our first time doing laminate floors and we're quite impressed. We could have spent $4000 on real hardwood, but this looks just as good and is very durable - for half the price.

After installing the floors, Josh put down the transitions. As they were glued down, he had to add weight to them for 24 hours and he improvised with books, a Chinese garden stool, and pails of drywall compound.

Now that the floors are finished, the last big project is painting - the entryway, living/dining room, and hallway. I've overwhelmed myself with a multitude of paint swatches, but we think we have a winner with two grey hues by Behr.

Our final picks are Granite Boulder (top) and Squirrel (second from top). The aptly named 'Squirrel' will be used on an accent wall.

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sylvia said...

floors look great! can't wait to see them!