Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitchen Backsplash

A month after debating tile choices we are finally back in business!

Over the last week Josh has cut, measured, installed and grouted the new kitchen tiles and we're very happy with the results.  We were torn between our final choice below and the subway tiles (as mentioned in last month's post), but decided in the end that the subway tile colours might be a bit too dark for the kitchen.

We loved the random shapes in the tiles we used, but the randomness lead to a lot of cutting on Josh's part to obtain the straight edges required.

The tiles laid out after being cut and measured

The before shot - old white tiles removed

Peeling off the plastic covering - the tiles were attached on the front with this covering, not with a mesh backing like you usually see
The after shot

 There are still a few finishing touches required. I want to install two floating shelves in the open space to the right (seen in picture above). Josh would prefer to scrap the floating shelves and install some of the Ikea organizers as in the picture below.
His Idea

My idea

Then I thought, "Hey - why don't we just compromise and do both?'"

And then proceeded to second guess myself because the tiles are so pretty, do we really want to cover them up with a bunch of 'stuff?'


sylvia said...

the tiles are gorgeous! great choice! i vote floating shelves!

marysdwellings said...

They look GREAT!!! Kudos to Josh, that looks like it would have been a painful task.
And I second the vote for floating shelves.