Monday, September 13, 2010

The World's Most Interesting Man

We recently returned from a trip to Vancouver where we attended a memorial for my remarkable uncle, Boog Lottridge, who sadly passed away this summer. Boog made an impression on everyone he met and was quite rightly referred to on a Facebook memorial page as, 'The World's Most Interesting Man.'

What made Boog such a vibrant person, was the fact that he was both 'interesting and interested,' as Boog's friend Jim said in a story he told at the memorial.  He was interested in his family and friends, his tire business, playing the drums with his band, canoeing, building his family's log cabin, and many other activities.

He was also interested in people. In his obituary, my aunt Mary wrote, "He was never tedious in his advice, but felt a few things did matter quite a lot: always reach for the bill, always ask people questions about themselves, and always eat a little bit of everything offered, preferably of different colours."

It's our interests and our activities that result from those interests, which make us interesting people. Boog was an athlete who biked across Canada in university to raise money for mental health. He paddled in a canoe race across Lake Ontario (and won). He loved Trudeau and had a chance to meet him (which I didn't realize until attending the memorial).

William Morris said, 'the true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.' As Boog shared a genuine interest in his family, friends, career, musical and athletic pursuits, etc, I say he had found the true secret of happiness.

Trudeau and Boog Lottridge (centre)

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Sylvia said...

great blog jules.. i wish i had a chance to meet uncle boog..