Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The bird in the funny hat

There are times I solicit Josh's opinion when I truly want an answer.

"Should I wear the pink dress or the yellow dress?"
"I don't know - why are you asking me?"

"What restaurant do you want to go to?"
"It doesn't matter- you can pick."

Then there are times when I ask his opinion just to be diplomatic. I ask because I feel he may want to comment as it's related to the design/decor of our condo.

We checked out a few interior decor shops in Vancouver and this situation played out as it usually does.

I came across some canvas prints that I thought would look good above the bed. We still needed a focal point to fill the blank wall.  The pictures were of birds - chillin' out on chandeliers and in a birdcage.

Josh will come into these shops with me, but isn't overly excited to be there. It's a bonus if the shop has a comfy couch for him to relax on while I browse.

I stared at the prints at the back of the store and ruminated.

"Will they be OK in my luggage on the flight back? Will they fit in my luggage? Will the colours work? Will I find something I like more at the next store?"

I went to the front of the store and beckoned Josh.

"Why do you want my opinion?"
"Because you'll have to look at them every day for the rest of your life...or at least a few years."

He reluctantly got up from the couch and dragged himself to the back of the store.

"The bird has a funny hat," was all he could offer.

"It's not a funny hat, it's a crown!"

Satisfied that he wasn't offended by the prints, I bought them.

Bird with aforementioned 'funny hat'

Maybe it's best that he doesn't care. If he hated them and told me not to buy them, I'd sulk and try in vain to turn him around. I'd start talking like a crazy lady in order to sway his opinion.

"But the birds are sooooo pretty..........." I'd whine.

"Yeah but one is confined in a birdcage - he's in prison. That's not very nice." He'd argue.

I think Oscar Wilde said it right when he said, "In matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane."

Yes, for the sake of our marriage, it's just better this way.


marysdwellings said...

Oh, we have the same bed, and I am currently dealing with the exact same lack of focal point in the bedroom.... the bed is so long that it's hard to know what to do over it. But those 3 prints look GREAT! Nice choice!!! I'm also having a struggle with bedside lighting... to wall-mount or not to... that bed presents some challenges!

sylvia said...

hahaah.. i wish steve would learn when i'm not really asking a question.. love the prints though! i need to start looking at prints.. my first reno project is the powder room... start small and work my way up!

Jules said...

Thanks ladies! Mary: it's amazing how many people have this bed! People say that all the time when they see ours. I love wall-mounted lamps because they free up space on the bedside table for other stuff, I'm thinking of doing that in our next place. The Ikea paper lamps we have are starting to show some major wear and tear! Syl: So excited about your powder room reno! Will have to discuss tonight. Etsy has some really cute screen prints - and I just bought a screen print for our bathroom from a website called Little Paper Planes - they have loads of cute prints. It just arrived in the mail this week!