Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Game - New Arrivals

After a summer-long renovating hiatus, we're slowly getting back into it. We checked out Olympia Tile today to mull over our options for the kitchen tile back splash. We brought home a few samples that have made our short list.

We have approximately 32 sq. feet to cover with something that will inject some colour into our black and white kitchen.  Olympia had a good array of choices - we're going with glass tile again as we did in the bathrooms. As always, the tiles I absolutely LOVED were over budget (ranged from $16-$22 per sq. foot). Our short list is compiled of three much more affordable options - ranging from $8.36 to $13.20/sq. ft.


This full section will be covered in tiles and we'll install a couple of floating shelves.
I'm a huge fan of penny rounds, and Olympia had a few options, but they were more pricey than I expected - around $16-$17/sq. foot.

It would appear that it's far cheaper to tile with actual pennies, or nickels for that matter, as I've seen on

Counter top made of pennies

Bathroom floor - tiled in nickels


marysdwellings said...

I'm leaning towards the 3rd set! With the 1st set being a close second.

The question becomes - do your counter, kitchen cabinetry, and other kitchen accessories have more blacks & whites? Or more brown tones?

Good luck with the decision, I'm sure any of them will look great!!

P.S. I saw a penny floor at the Standard Hotel in NYC. Very cool!

jennoreilly said...

love the second one! If not then the first, but not the kind of reminds me of the side of the war museum (sort of.) good luck!!

lil's said...

love the second tile thing you put up with the blue and white-ish glass/plastic tiles, but i'm head over heels for the penny tile counter! love love love the penny counter and it'd be even cooler if you made it yourself and posted a pic :D