Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This ain't no cottage

A few years ago, my parents purchased a piece of land on the coast of Nova Scotia. Josh and I felt like roughing it one weekend, so we decided to check out the lot and pitch a tent for the night. We set up our tent and went down to the beach to build a bonfire.

Hours later, we came back to our tent and realized we made a big mistake. We hadn't zipped the tent door all the way around and a large family of spiders was making itself at home...I still cringe at the thought. Needless to say Josh was responsible for picking up each spindly legged creature and ejecting it from the tent.

Fast forward to the present day, and instead of a arachnid filled tent, we're staying at a newly built cottage. Except it isn't really a cottage...more of a second home. My little cousin Ciara said it best in the guestbook, 'This ain't no cottage!'

I made a lot of mental notes for future reference - future renos or future 'building from scratch.'  One of my favorite things that I'd love in our next place is a great built in book case...or two. I've seen photos where people have taken Ikea bookcases and made them look custom by adding some crown moulding and filling in the holes with putty.

Our renos at home are still at a standstill but the chandelier might be installed this weekend. If so, we'll post some pictures!

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Sylvia said...

wow.. the cottage is absolutely gorgeous!!!!