Sunday, August 22, 2010

Curtain Call

It's been awhile since we've done any work on the condo, but this weekend we finished two projects.  All four of my curtain panels finally arrived from Urban Barn so I hemmed, ironed and hung them up.  They look much better than the original vertical plastic blinds - which seemed better suited to a 1970's era office.



The trick to making the windows look bigger (not to mention letting in more light) is to anchor the curtain rod a few feet past the end of the window.  This way, when you open the curtains they don't block the windows.

We also found the time to hang our new chandelier. It required a bit of extra wiring as the junction box isn't centred above the table.  Josh was able to hide the wires under a plastic covering and find a cover for the junction box.

Josh covering the junction box

The last thing we'll have to do is buy a dimmer switch for the light as it's quite bright - almost a little too bright when you already have the sunlight shining in.

That concludes our small scale renos. All that's left are the major projects - kitchen tile back splash and shelving installation, bathroom reno and a coat of paint in the entry/living room/dining room/hallway area.  Oh, and new hardwood floors to install throughout as the parquet is starting to show some major wear and tear...more to come on that later.


Sylvia said...

wow! LOVE the curtains and the chandelier!! can't wait to see it in person on wednesday!

Jules said...

Thanks Syl! I'm really happy with the result too...and happy not to be living in a fish bowl anymore :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the same pendant light from Structube after seeing your photos! An easy way to make the lights dimmer is to buy 10W G4 Halogen bulbs from Ikea. They're half the brightness as the 20W ones that come with the lights.