Sunday, July 4, 2010

Screen Print Selection

There is a bare wall above the toilet in the main bathroom in need of some art work. We could have used the space for a towel rack in the pint sized room, but I wanted to hang something pretty instead, as it's the first thing you see when you come in the room. The towels have been relegated to the back of the door. I've been debating various screen prints ever since the walls were painted and still haven't made a decision.

This beauty is called 'Red Sky at Night' by Little Paper Planes - a company based in San Francisco. Although I didn't spend much time sailing while growing up in Nova Scotia, it's still a nice reminder to me of 'Canada's Ocean Playground.' It's $60 US plus taxes, $20 shipping and questionable duty.

UK based Bold and Noble also have some great prints - this one being my favorite as it reminds me of my year in Ireland. I'd have to decide if I REALLY REALLY love it as it's £38 plus taxes and another £10 for shipping, plus duty when it arrives in Canada.

Josh learned about paying duty the hard way when he bought me a coveted pair of earrings for Christmas from a US company online. He had them shipped to his parents home in Saskatchewan so as to keep my prying eyes away, and his mom had to cover the duty when signing for the package. It's for this reason that I'd love to find a Canadian company with equally awesome prints....but have yet to find one. I read in House & Home that Virginia Johnson (based in Toronto) has turned some of her popular illustrations into art prints. However, they don't seem to be up on her website just yet.

In other reno/design news, we're getting our new patio doors and windows this week! They're being installed on Tuesday and should only take a couple of hours to complete. Neighbours who have already had them installed are raving about them - they look much better and have superior sound proofing. The current doors are 1970's originals so we were long overdue for an upgrade. Before and after pictures to come!

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