Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let there be light

My lack of blogging in recent weeks is in direct correlation with a lack of renovating. I thought by now I'd have newly curtained windows and a sparkly new chandelier hanging above the dining table. No such luck.

Our new patio doors and windows have been installed and look great, but we're living in a bit of a fishbowl at the moment.

We ordered four curtain panels from Urban Barn last month. We were told they weren't in stock but would arrive in about ten days. Ten days came and went and we didn't get a call, so I dropped in on my lunch break. Unfortunately only two of the four panels had arrived as they were having, 'issues with inventory.' 

Their orders arrive each Wednesday, so I dropped in when I was in the Market this weekend and was told they still hadn't arrived. As the curtains are a bit too long, I've already hemmed the two we have, ironed them (which is no easy feat with a mini ironing board) and hung them up. The windows are quite wide, so even with both curtains closed, the fishbowl effect remains.

As for the chandelier, we've been shopping around for awhile - ever since we sold the offensive Tiffany style stained glass light that hung off centre in the dining room.

The dilemma we have is that the junction box is not centred over the table - it's almost in the corner of the dining area (not sure what the builders were thinking) and the ceiling is concrete so you can't hide any wires. The only options were track lighting or running the wire along the ceiling. 

It turns out that track lighting has come a long way since the 1980's. I found some nice examples online.
In some cases you can purchase the track and then customize by choosing your own pendants.

However, I wasn't very inspired by the options I found here in Ottawa. Which means only one thing - we'll be running a wire along our ceiling in order to install our light.  After much deliberation involving trips to Zone, Multi Luminaire and Structube, we decided on the piece below. We found it at Structube in the Byward Market.

I don't have a picture of ours yet as there is a bit of work involved in the installation. We have to buy extra wire to extend between the fixture and the junction box, buy a white cover to camouflage the hole in the ceiling created by the junction box, and we - who am I kidding - Josh - has to drill a hole in the side of the silver case to run the wire through. I'm pretty sure some martial discord will be involved in the pending installation.


Sylvia said...

wow! i love your new light... can't wait to see it installed!!!

Jules said...

Thanks Syl! At this pace - with NS trip, Boys weekend (meaning my installer is away), and weddings, it probably won't be up til the end of August :P