Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knock-out knobs & Compromises

You know you love a company when you invite them to send you their advertising propaganda and are excited to see it arrive in your inbox.

I just received my first email advertisement from Anthropologie. When I visited their lovely store in Toronto, I signed up to receive their email alerts and was given a plastic card - although I haven't a clue what said card is for.

The advertisement worked - it pulled me into their website where I proceeded to drool over their hardware - knobs to be exact. I'm mildly obsessed with these knobs and I'm sad that I don't have many surfaces on which to install them. They're like jewellery for the home (same reason I love sparkly chandeliers). I'm tempted to order a few and screw them into the back of our pantry to hang some of our reusable shopping bags from - any excuse to get my grubby hands on them.

On anther note, Josh and I have compromised on the wallpaper issue. If I sew fabric curtains to cover our closet, he'll help me hang wallpaper on one wall.

My night classes are finally over for the summer so I'll have more free time to work on small reno projects like this. I'm not a fan of bi fold doors as I like to see all my clothes at once when throwing together an outfit, and the closet is too wide for regular doors so fabric curtains are the solution.

Although I love the closet cover from Georgia Peachez below, they use a shower curtain from Target, so Josh would call my bluff and say it's cheating in this case. Apparently a bit of sweat equity is in order on my part to fulfil my side of the bargain.

I got the idea a few years ago from the picture below from House & Home. Josh's mom, being a master quilter, made us curtains for the closet in our last condo within a day. Considering her prowess with a sewing machine, I estimate it will take me a month to accomplish the same.


sylvia said...

OMG... i LOVE those knobs too!! i want to go to toronto and check out anthropologie!!

Mary said...

Wait until you start getting the catalogues! It is like getting an artsy magazine in the mail for free... I have a hard time throwing them in the grey bin. My friend actually bought a bunch of the different knobs and dressed up her very plain kitchen by just adding an eclectic mix. It made a huge impact!

Jules said...

I haven't received one yet - do they come out quarterly? I'm hoping when I signed up for the Anthro card they automatically send one? BTW, so excited that you started a blog!

Mary said...

Ah, yes - the mystery yellow Anthro card. As far as I know, it just makes returns easier?? But I assume it also put you on their mailing list. They seem to be a bit random, but I just got one last week, so you might get one soon too?