Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrity Chandeliers

Last week, when strolling through the market, Josh pointed out a gorgeous chandelier in the window at Staccaro on Sussex. We're still in the market for one that we can swag to the middle of our dining area as the ceiling is concrete and the junction box is in the corner of the room.

I loved it too, but Staccaro is no Zone. Gorgeous lighting can be found at Zone from $200-$500. I had a feeling this one in the window wasn't on the same level. The store was closed for the night, so I ended up popping in a few days later on my lunch break. I talked to the sales clerk and found that this beauty can be yours for $1295 - it's 30% off the original $1850.

This is no ordinary chandelier - it's made of individual glass pieces that can be hooked onto one another, allowing you to create your own shape. It's not for the hoi polloi like you and me - it hangs from the ceiling in Elton John's LA home.

I may not have the same fashion sense as the Rocket Man, but we seem to have similar tastes in interior design. He has not one, but two gorgeous barcelona chairs in his living room.

In my effort to (try to) stop drooling so much over the things I don't have/can't have for budgetary reasons, I'm focusing on what I do. Our balcony is a complete 180 from what it was a few months ago....

Here is the Before shot:
And the After:
We picked up a comfy outdoor sectional on sale at the Bay and now we spend so much more time on the balcony - it really is an extra room we can use now.

And for once I've been able to keep from killing my plants - our Pansies and African Daisies are thriving and we should have our first tomatoes in a few more weeks.  

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