Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tulips & Tomatoes

My birthday was earlier this week and my coworkers graciously surprised me with some gorgeous tulips and a box full of sweets from a local bakery. The sweets are long gone, but the tulips are still standing.

Tulips are ubiquitous these days. I love the huge patches of colour along the Rideau Canal. My only concern is that they won't be around for the Tulip Festival later this month due to our unseasonably warm weather.

I'm loving this DIY tulip artwork by David Stark Design - made out of Post-It notes!

And Design*Sponge had this great DIY project for making cork containers/vases which just happened to be containing more tulips:

This would be an awesome idea for wedding favours that could double as centrepieces:

Speaking of DIY (if planting veggies counts as DIY...I think it does, as you're doing it yourself as opposed to going out and buying...but I digress). We took a trip to the market and Canadian Tire this past weekend to help add a bit of colour to our balcony and to test our green thumbs by attempting to grow our own tomatoes. If we're successful, we should have cherry tomatoes and some indeterminate standard size tomatoes in about 50 days. Here we are on day one...

Tomatoes to the left and African daisies and pansies on the right

We also planted some spring onions but are attempting to grow them from seed so I won't be boring you with a picture of dirt.  Wish us luck as I have a long history of plant manslaughter....Josh blames me and my overzealous watering for the recent deaths of our late yucca and ficus trees.


Sylvia said...

you need a BIG pot for the tomatoes to grow into... they get monstrous! but it's so awesome when you harvest your own tomatoes.. we grew those last year.. and basil.. and had them with goat cheese on crackers. delish!!! i picked up some herbs from the market (byward) and put them in a planter.. i think that's all we have room for this year!

Jules said...

Mmmmm sounds delish Sylvia!! So you think my container is too tiny for tomatoes?? I suppose I can transplant them into something bigger if necessary. You should totally start a food blog! :)