Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reno 0.5

We've finished renovating half of our main bathroom. As landscaping season has started, the remaining half (new bathtub and shower tiling) will have to wait until fall. If you close the shower curtain, you barely even notice it.  We put in slate tile floors (very cost effective as we had some left over from the kitchen/entry floor reno), a new vanity, toilet, lighting, towel bar, mirror and oodles of glass subway tile. We then found a paint colour to match the tile.

As I have yet to win the lottery, I'm always looking for cheap DIY decorating ideas.  I found a great idea for making your own vases with a glass bottle and leftover paint in House & Home Magazine. You simply take some leftover paint and any glass bottle, pour in the paint and roll it around the inside until coated. Tip the bottle upside down and leave for a few hours to let any excess paint drip out.

This is the picture from House & Home:

And this is my project:

The only problem with it is that you can't actually put water inside, so I've used florist water tubes. My local florist said flowers won't last long in the tubes so I'll be looking for an awesome faux flower arrangement....if such a thing exists....


sylvia said...

that vase looks really good! i saw the same photo and thought about doing something like that but i haven't found any cool bottles.. i saw this really awesome fake arrangement in chatelaine.. will show you on saturday.. but doesn't say where you can get it.. though it come with vase and fake 'water' already... but really cool..

Jules said...

Thanks Sylvia!

I saw some cute faux flowers at Zone and went back to buy a few put realized they were also the type that are glued right into a vase with fake water as well! The bottle I used is actually the same as one in the House & Home picture - just a bottle of lemonade from the organics section at Hartman's.