Monday, April 26, 2010


Ever since I came across the photo of that beautiful outdoor wooden deck tile  I've been trying to source it. I asked around and a coworker mentioned that she saw it at Ikea. As I was eager to start work on the balcony with all the warm weather we were having, I found it on Ikea's website and started persuading Josh to get just as excited about it as I was.

Ever the pragmatist, he asked why we wouldn't just build it ourselves. Hmm...maybe because I'd rather pay someone else (or a large multinational company) so I can sit around eating bonbons?

In fairness, he had a good point. There was a sale on wood at Rona and he said by doing it ourselves it would be at least half the cost.

So on Saturday while I was getting groceries (and learning about upholstery!) he stocked up on some cedar. Did I mention I LOVE the smell of cedar?  I have an inkling that those Ikea tiles wouldn't smell quite as nice.

When I got back from my upholstery class (more on that in the next post) Josh said the decking was already 50% complete and I'd have to help him finish up on Sunday.  
This 6' * 6' segment will line up with two others the same size, plus a 6' * 3' to cover the balcony.
So on Sunday I measured, I drilled and I ended up learning how to build a (very basic) deck.  It would nearly be perfect if it weren't for the fact that I ended up spliting the end of the wood with my drilling about 40% of the time. It won't be hard to guess which one was made by the neophyte deck builder.

Check back soon for before and after pictures of the actual balcony!

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