Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please rob me

I recently heard about a fantastic new website that has nothing to do with renos, but everything to do with social media and it's something everyone should be aware of. The FaceTube generation seems to have no qualms about posting live updates of where they are and what they're doing at all times. I just had a look at my Facebook live feed and one person has broadcast to their 1000+ 'friends' that they are stranded at an airport unable to get home (updated via their iPhone). Another friend has posted that they are on their way to Mexico and can't wait to have a Margarita in hand. These people are all broadcasting that their home is empty and will be for some time. The website, pleaserobme.com, displays the Twitter feeds of users that have twittered about the fact that they are somewhere other than at home. When I last had a look at the site, one of the feeds they've shown is a photo of a woman, complete with her first and last name, along with the message, 'at the Halifax Stanfield airport, on my way to Mexico with the kids!'

Even worse than Twitter when it comes to privacy is a social media site called FourSquare that allows users to broadcast their exact co-ordinates to others complete with time stamp. This shows others where you are - complete with a map detailing and perfect for stalking.

Although by blogging, I'm sometimes sharing TMI, I try to be cognizant of what I write in regards to my location and don't knowingly give a heads up that we'll be going away on vacation as you never know who's looking. I think we've become so comfortable with Facebook/Twitter/etc that we don't stop to think about what we're telling others and how that information could be used.

The website states that their intention is not to direct potential burgulars to empty houses, but to make people more aware of online privacy issues.

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Anonymous said...

I agree - I try hard not to post my whereabouts on facebook. If you really need to brag about your trip to Mexico...do it once you're back home. :)