Sunday, March 28, 2010

I do it myself

Many people have commented on the fact that I must be getting quite handy with all these renos we've been up to. I'm somewhat reluctant to admit that I haven't learned many new skills in the last few months. My responsibilities tend to be decision making and painting. The more skilled labour (tiling, light/sink/toilet installation, caulking, putting together Ikea cabinetry, etc...) is done by Josh while I'm at work. We try not to do anything too noisy on the weekends and evenings to avoid disturbing neighbours. Maybe instead of O-town Reno Addict, this blog should be called O-town Reno Voyeur.

So I may not be learning a lot of hands-on skills, but I have gained a glimmer of knowledge. I can now tell the difference between a Robertson, flat-head and Phillips screwdriver. I've also learned that Josh's brand new chisel is not a tool for opening paint cans. Live and learn.

I figured it was time for me to learn a few more things, so instead of waiting for Josh to drill my new necklace organizer (actually a key holder) into the wall, I picked up his drill and did it myself. It may have taken 10 minutes to drill two screws into the wall, but it's progress. Baby steps.


My parents often tell people that when I was little (2 or 3) I was extremely stubborn. I wanted to do everything on my own and didn't want help. Dad would carry me down the stairs against my will, and I would wail, "I do it myself!", subsequently walking back up the stairs myself and come back down on my own two feet. I don't know when things changed but somewhere along the line I became comfortable allowing other people to help me, or do things for me. And so, 25 years later, I can finally say it again proudly, even if it was just a bit of drilling, "I do it myself."


Anonymous said...

Good Job Jules!!

sylvia said...

nice key holder and really nice job with the drill! my only experience with a drill was when i was maybe 20 and i insisted on putting up this bookshelf by myself.. it turned out crooked since i messed up on one of the holes.. but it held up and held my super heavy medical texts for 4 years.. though they kinda had to lean on each other.. hahah..

Bridget said...

wow, the place is starting to look fab. congrats!! (-: