Monday, March 1, 2010

Kitchen ceiling progress

The Ikea kitchen cabinets have finally arrived! Josh put together the cabinets that make up the peninsula and we've been trying to decide where to place them. If we give ourselves a lot of space in the kitchen, we'll cut into the living room/hallway and vice versa. As for the cabinets that were already there, we just bought new doors as the cabinetry was new (so were the cathedral style doors but they were not my cup of tea). This Friday the counters will be measured for the granite and next Friday it will be installed. In the meantime, Josh is almost done the kitchen ceiling reno. We had a very dated dropped ceiling complete with florescent lighting when we moved in. Josh has ripped it out and I'll post his progress below. The crown molding still needs to be painted white, but you get the idea...

Original Ceiling

Ceiling MIA

The bones

Almost there


As you may notice, we've improvised by taking one of the old interior doors and have made a temporary countertop with it. I wish I could have said this was my brilliant idea...but it wasn't. Friends have joked that we should keep it as the hole for the door knob makes a great cup holder.

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