Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lottridge Reno

As we just got back from a long weekend in Quebec City, there isn't much progress to post at the moment. We're still waiting for our kitchen cupboards to arrive so that we can measure for the new countertops. Once that's all in place, Josh will put down a slate tile kitchen floor and we'll pick out a backsplash. We'll probably go with glass tile as we're loving the look of it in the ensuite bathroom.

Since we don't have any new pictures, why not show someone else's reno for change?

My aunt and uncle, Mary and Boog Lottridge, recently built a beautiful new home in the Gulf Islands. Mary is an artist who has applied her talents by creating her own customized backsplash.

Mary explained her process, "The basic design I found in a book about Moorish design, and then through a process of measuring and copy-shop fooling around, I got it enlarged enough that I could make a stencil out of it."

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Sephie said...

OMG... LOVE the backsplash.. can't wait for 10 years down the road when I'll be able to start re-doing parts of the house! hahahaha.. i'm terrible.. and i just moved in! lol