Monday, February 1, 2010

HRTC Scramble

My Visa saw quite of bit of action in the last few weeks as we scrambled to take advantage of the last remaining days to qualify for the Home Renovation Tax Credit. Yesterday was the deadline and we were definitely not alone in our quest to buy up as much as possible before the clock struck 12 on Sunday. We stopped at Ikea to get a new kitchen faucet and loaded up on paint at Home Depot (after a 30 min wait at the paint department as the woman in front of me had to have 18 gallons of various colours mixed up!). We also stopped at Planet Granite to buy new kitchen countertops and a new sink. The owner asked if we could pay a deposit, but we were happy to pay for everything then and there to max out the HRTC. Josh did some shopping around for granite as it's probably one of the most expensive items we'll buy for this place. As Planet Granite is a small, family run business, they were willing to negotiate on price a little - something you won't find at Home Depot! We'll post some pictures of the kitchen soon.

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Sephie said...

GRANITE!!!!!!!!!! ooooh.. i'm soooo jealous.. and can't wait to see!!!! things are really moving really quickly!