Sunday, February 7, 2010

Etsy finds

As Josh takes care of the kitchen reno (we're just waiting for cupboard doors to arrive and then granite countertops to be installed) I'm planning my next project which is window coverings. The two bedrooms have one window each, and the living room/kitchen has a large set of sliding doors leading to the balcony that will need to be covered. The vertical plastic coverings just don't cut it.

I've been drooling over a fabric I've seen in House & Home magazine, and after a bit of research, I found the name of the pattern and the brand. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. The pattern is called Imperial Trellis and it's a design by Kelly Wearstler - which means it costs mucho dinero - roughly $100 per yard to my surprise.

Imperial Trellis

I checked out Etsy to see if I could accessorize with pillows in Imperial Trellis instead, but at $100 a pillow it's still too rich for my blood. I did find a great substitute however by Toronto based Milk and Cookies on Etsy. It's not exactly Imperial Trellis but it's a nice geometrical print. I ended up ordering three pillows in the pattern - one each in pink, blue and green.
So it's back to square one with the windows for now. I'm going to try scouring the local fabric stores and look into how much custom made roman blinds would set me back. In the meantime, I'm ridiculously excited about the new pillows arriving this coming week.


Sephie said...

so.. this is my second attempt to leave a comment.. i ended up having to sign in and getting my own blog account set up this time.. well.. maybe it was meant to be! hahaha..

anyway.. was just saying i love love love the fabric!!!! and i just discovered etsy too.. and am ordering hairpieces for the wedding.. actually am designing them first and then ordering them.. but very excited too!!

Jules said...

ohhh...isn't Etsy fantastic?? I could spend hours on there...I almost bought a few prints to hang on the wall but had to remind myself of our paint-a-paloosa coming up. Can't wait for you to start your foodie blog!!