Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wall breaking

Sayonara galley kitchen! On Friday, Josh took down the wall separating our galley kitchen from our living/dining area...much to the consternation of some guy friends who had eagerly offered to swing a sledgehammer with him. There were no sledgehammers harmed in the wall breaking as Josh had to take out the wiring first, and then used a saw to dismantle it. Here are some photos:

Eddie wanting in on the action
By the time I came home from work on Friday, the wall was MIA. The pipes on the right are where the washer and dryer used to be (since moved to the bedroom closet).


Sylvia said...

wow.... it looks so much better.. and wayyyyy spacious.. are you putting in an island?

Jules said...

Hey Sylvia!
We're putting in a peninsula so that we can put the sink there. We thought of an island but then we couldn't move the sink over (nowhere to hide the pipes!) Just ordered the cabinets from Ikea and are going to price out some granite countertops this weekend.