Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here we go again...

After two years of renovating a one bedroom condo in downtown Ottawa, my husband Josh started to get antsy. We had finally fixed up every room to make it our own and he felt it was time to find another project.

When we first bought the place, people thought we were crazy. They couldn't see past the pink carpeting and vertical blinds that bore a striking resemblance to burlap. We saw the potential. We envisioned ripping out the carpet and installing hardwood floors, opening up the kitchen to the dining area, slapping some paint on the walls and throwing the blinds in the dumpster. And by November 2009 we had done just that.

We found a two bedroom condo nearby after a few weeks of scouring MLS and Grapevine. Just like our last condo, it wasn't pretty....but again, it had potential. The building was over 30 years old and the unit was in almost original condition. The only upgrades were the appliances and some new parquet floors. Yes, the previous owners thought they would upgrade by replacing some of the old parquet with new parquet! Genius.

We put in an offer that day and listed our one bedroom on Grapevine. It sold the second day on the market and we ended up making a bit of moola with our flip. We got a good deal on the new place considering that there was a lot of work to be done. The dishwasher door didn't even open all the way because it hit another wall when it opened by about 45º.

We've been living here for just two weeks and Josh has already completely overhauled the ensuite bathroom and plans on some serious wall breaking in the next few days - our galley kitchen is going to be opened up to create more cabinet space and countertops.

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